Bevery Beach symbolizes a lifestyle and aesthetic that Dorit Kemsley lives by.  Empowering, versatile and elevated, the range is designed for women to mix and match.  Figure flattering silhouettes that sculpt and showcase the body are styled with accessories like jewelry, hats and bags for a "complete look".  From classic one-pieces to cool bandeaus, all are meant to be worn at the beach and in everyday life.  Our signature patch is a playful addition to the more modern pieces in the line. "Every woman is a canvas.  Every woman should feel confident and empowered with fashion.  My goal is to give women the ability to choose between supportive and simple tops and high-waisted or cheeky bottoms.  I'm designing for every woman to find what feels right for her body, her fit and her comfort."

Beverly Beach by Dorit is a culmination of Dorit Kemsley's design history and her love of fashion and living fabulously.  Dorit spent 10 years of her career specializing in luxury Italian swimwear and operated her own company until she took a brief hiatus to start her family.  Inspired by her desire to be able to run around after her children and still feel sexy and comfortable on the beach, Dorit has created a range that gives women the opportunity to live their chicest, most glamorous, most fashionable existence. All swimwear is proudly made and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. 

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